Trail signing highlights snowmobile club meeting

TYieldrail signing in the fall has been a nagging issue for the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club each year, and it was a key topic for the club’s October meeting, which kicked off the 2014 snowmobiling season.

But, a new idea surfaced last year and the club is trying it out to see if it works better. Three members of the Farmhouse Fraternity from North Dakota State University were on hand to discuss the potential of the fraternity members helping with trail signing as a service project.

“This is a new concept that we’re trying out,” said Troy Klevgard of Casselton, who contacted the fraternity about the idea. “It will only work if we still get the right level of club member commitment to support us. To make it work, we need drivers and other help to ensure we maximize the time the fraternity puts in. Our goal is to get all trail signing done when we have the extra help that day.”

The designated trail signing weekend is Nov. 15 and 16. Plans are to start at 8 AM. Additional work days are scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22 and Sunday, Nov. 23, if they are needed. Snowmobile North Dakota requires that club’s complete trail signing by Dec 1.

Also during the meeting, club members elected Brent Haugen of Argusville as the new club president. All others officers remained the same.

Planning for SnowJam 2015 also was discussed including specifics on event sponsorships and ideas for changes to the event agenda. SnowJam will be Saturday, Feb 21, headquartered at Hagge’s Bar and Grill in Mapleton.

If you are interested in learning more about the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club, who maintains more than 100 miles of snowmobiles trails in the area, you can find information on the club’s website at

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