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Rural Cass Snowmobile Club to meet Tuesday, November 12

Rural Cass Snowmobile Club will hold the first meeting of the season on Tuesday, November 12, at 7 PM at the Casselton Pizza Ranch. 

To kick off the season, the club will discuss:

  • Membership  mailings
  • SnowJam 2014  planning
  • Trail signing
  • Other items as  identified at the meeting

 All local snowmobilers are encouraged to attend.

Learn why you should register your snowmobile in ND

Check out this video from Snowmobile North Dakota to understand the benefits you gain from registering your snowmobile in North Dakota

SND Logo1

Frequently Asked Questions about Club Membership

Aren’t local snowmobile trails paid for by the state?

No, only a portion of the funding comes from the state. About 50% of the funds for grooming are based upon local fundraising. And, the state funds come directly from the number of snowmobiles registered, and these sleds must be registered in North Dakota to count.

How much does it cost to groom the trail?

Grooming costs average $10-12 per mile. Even if the person running the groomer is a volunteer, the costs add up. 

Are there other ways to help?

The club can definitely use your help in other ways, such as trail signing and other activities.  As a club member, you’ll receive the club’s newsletter, which will you let you know of club events.

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