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April 2023 Meeting Minutes and Election of Officers


April 18, 2023

Pit 88, Armenia, ND

14 members present & Riley

7:06 pm. Club President Symington called the meeting to order. 

Treasurer report

  • $47k in bank
  • Still owed a possible $3k from state for grooming reimbursements

Old Business.

  • Season sponsorship dollars totalled around $7300. SnowJam netted about $1800.
  • season membership was 103 paid memberships

New Business

  • Club Goal, Grow club until we get our own state owned groomer
  • Sign removal. Hoping to get it all done the weekend of April 29th, weather pending.
  • Next season advertise to pay groomer operators to get more participation. State covers $14/hour. Maybe offer $25/hour? Offering to College kids/non-members. We need more active groomer operators.
  • Set a summer club get together/cookout/sign building party. Spencer is going to order 1000 new sign faces/posts.
  • Look into local summer parades to participate in with a club float(Harwood-o’rama, Casselton summer fest, Leonard Days, West Fest, etc)
  • At summer get together, set details for fall kick-off party
  • Do a club raffle(200 mini sled?) starting this summer and ending at SnowJam 24’
  • Look into trail reroutes next season due to diversion around Harwood. Also look into hooking into Cattails trails in Hunter. Long term goal would be to add a loop into Grandin.
  • August the Club officials will be meeting with the Diversion Authority again to see what can be done for next season trails around Harwood.
  • Sell the trailer sitting behind the Connex on the north loop


  • We updated a number of club by-laws to better suit the current club and membership. 

Annual Club Officer/Board of Director Voting(all 1 year terms)

  • Spencer Symington – Re-Elected President
  • Toby Bryson – Elected Vice-President
  • Zach Bohn – Re-Elected Treasurer
  • Jeff Kolnes – Elected Secretary
  • Brent Haugen(past president) – Elected Grooming Coordinator
  • Rod Clause – Elected Fundraising Coordinator
  • Dirk Horak – Elected Communications Director
  • Paul Schlabz – Elected North Loop Trail Coordinator
  • Tim Tigges – Re-Elected South Loop Trail Coordinator

8:45 Meeting adjourned

Election of Club Officials ’23!

Club Meeting and bi-annual election of officials happening Tuesday, April 18th, 7pm. Pit 88, Amenia, ND.

Hope to see you there!


The monthly club meeting for tonight has been postponed due to weather.

Sorry event postponed vector sign isolated on white background

we will reschedule for Next Tuesday, March, 28th. 7pm. Ringneck Bar in Leonard. Hope to see you there!!! We still have snow, may as well ride out!

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