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Club bonfire planned Feb 26

We’ve got some firewood left over from the SnowJam bonfire, so we’re getting out the matches and having a second bonfire this year at the club’s warming house.

Join us Saturday, Feb 26 at 3 PM for a bonfire. We’ll supply some snacks and cocoa. Bring your sleds and your family for a great afternoon feature a warm fire, a chance to talk about snowmobiling and a groomed trail ride to the event.  The warming house is located about eight miles east of Arthur on the trail. Hope to see you there!

(Here’s a picture from the fire we had in January.)

Snowmobilers are funny people

A typical snowmobiler is:

• A person who is too old for a sled but young enough to remember the fun it used to be.

• A person who prays for snow, but grumbles when he is cleaning the walk.

• A person who waits for cold weather so she can dress up to stay warm.

• A person will will completely overhaul a snowmobile in the middle of nowhere and call AAA when the car won’t start in the heated garage.

• A person who rides the lumps and bumps of a worked field with enjoyment and complains about the holes in the street.

• A person who syays they bought the machine for the kids, but complains that they can’t find a baybsitter so they can go out and ride.

• A person who can’t get old “Bessie” in the garage at night because there isn’t room unless he slides the snowmobile out.

• A person who will drive a block to the grocery store in a warm car for steak and ride a snowmobile 10 miles for a burned weiner.

• A person who will get caught on the interstate without a spare tire but will have enough spare parts in the snowmobile to build another one.

• A person who is glad to get the 4th of July over with because it’s only four months until they can ride.

Latest grooming video: Both groomers on same stretch of trail

Check out this video showing a somewhat unique meeting of both of the snowmobile trail groomers used on the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club trail. It’s not often that you would encounter both groomers in the same stretch of trail at the same time, but they did meet last Thursday (Feb 11, 2011) on the north side of Casselton.  

Running the groomers that evening were Jeff Seifert and Greg Strommen, both members of the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club.

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