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Club Meeting!

Club Meeting November 10th, 7pm. Davenport Supper Club
Our 3rd meeting of the fall will be November 10th, 7pm, at the Davenport Supper Club. We have been in contact with Steve from the Supper Club and we will have an area designated for our meeting that will allow plenty of space for our group.

We do have plenty of Old Business/New Business to discuss:

Please renew your membership if you have not done so! its still only $25/family. here is a link to the PayPal account if you use that.

Trail Signing for the 20-21 season. The club was able to get together Sunday, Oct 25th, and fix/build about 400 signs for the upcoming season. We now need to get out and get them up in the next few weeks.

Trail Maps/printingSponsorships. Would be great if we got more involved!

Memberships. we did limited postcard mailing, did we get response

Dakota Cat has a Open House Friday Nov. 13th/Saturday Nov. 14. we need volunteers to man a booth and drum up memberships and excitement for the club

Groomer update

SnowJam/State Ride! we have a trail association meeting Wednesday, Nov. 11th at Hagges. This will be a joint meeting with the Red River club to iron out details for the state Ride Feb 6th and discuss Groomer maintenance, etc. everyone is welcome, would love to see you there!

south loop update on trail change into Leonard

Family Fun rides. scheduled for 3rd Sunday January-March

We held our second club meeting of the season Tuesday, October 13th at Harwood Grill and Saloon. 16members present, including 1 new member.
2021 state ride/SnoJam was discussed with plans for Nov. association meetingWheel’s “Kick-off to winter event” was held Friday, Sept. 11th- Sat. 12th. We had a table set up both days and did get some interest. will hopefully see new memberships.Sunday, Sept. 20 we worked on the club sign storage container. Designed and built bunks for the sections of the trail, sealed the roof, weed wacked/sprayed, and inventoried north loop signs.set up a welding party Sunday, Oct. 25th projected to fix/build 200+ signs(we built almost double that). 

Trail Section breakdown. we have broken down our 130 miles of trail into 10 separate sections for signing/sign removal. 10 members have volunteered to take a section of trail. We did this in the spring and it seemed to work very well. Click the Link to see the breakdown.

Please remember to pay your membership fee and invite a friend to a meeting!
We still have plenty of club clothing available, we will have it available at the next meeting!

Hope everyone is staying healthy in these crazy times.
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