Club by-laws

Rural Cass Snowmobile Club by-laws

In partnership with the East Central Valley Trail Association. A part of Snowmobile North Dakota

Club Formed 1995

By-Laws Amended on April 4, 2006.  And April 21, 2023


To promote snowmobiling in an organized way for safety and family enjoyment.


All persons interested in snowmobiling shall be eligible for membership.

Memberships run from Sept 1 through Aug 31 of the following year


Section I

The Officers of the club shall be:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary (may be combined with Treasurer)
  • Treasurer (may be combined with Secretary)

All officers will be elected for a one (1) year term. The term limit rule was removed in 2023. No current term limits apply.

The officers of this club shall be elected by majority of members present at the monthly meeting in April

Section II 

The Board of Directors shall be:

  • Grooming Coordinator – added 2022
  • North Loop Trail Coordinator – added 2003
  • South Loop Trail Coordinator
  • Communication Director
  • Fundraising Director – added 2022
  • Past President
  • President (current)

The Board of Directors will be elected for a one (1) year term as of 2023. No term limits apply.


Section I


  • Shall report to the Board of Directors.
  • Shall preside at all meetings of the club, conduct the meetings according to the rules adopted, enforce the by-laws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents that are adopted by the club and none other, and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the office of the President.
  • Shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, call special meetings at own discretion or when requested to do so, in writing by (5) members.
  • Shall be the tie-breaking vote for the Board of Directors when necessary.
  • Shall attend monthly Rural Cass Snowmobile Club Meetings.

Section II


  • Shall report to the President
  • Shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the latter.

Section III


  • Shall report to the President.
  • Shall keep a written record of proceedings of all Meetings and club activities.

Section IV


  • Shall report to the President.
  • Shall receive all monies paid to the club and make all deposits to the bank.
  • Shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended.
  • Shall provide a spreadsheet-type document at meetings providing the previous month and year-to-date totals.
  • Shall pay no bill over $2500 (as of 2023) without proper authorization and review by the club and its officers, and with approval of ¾ of the board members. 
  • Shall keep up property and equipment insurance
  • Shall maintain a PO Box in a community in our trail system.
  • Shall converse with state insurance representative (switched to Treasurer 2023)
  • Shall turn over all club properties and records to their successor at the end of term.

Section V

Communication Director:

  • Shall report to the board of Directors and Club Officers.
  • Shall maintain the Club website(, all social media sites, e-mails, and do mailings.

Section VI

Grooming Coordinator:

  • Shall report to the board of Directors and club officers.
  • Shall work with groomer operators and be responsible for setting groom schedule
  • Shall maintain groomer maintenance schedule
  • Shall document all accidents.
  • Shall maintain the trail system with proper signs and attend signing classes when provided through Snowmobile North Dakota(SND).

Section VII

Trail Coordinators:

  • Shall report to the Groomer Coordinator (as of 2023).
  • Shall maintain the trail system with proper signs and attend signing classes when provided through Snowmobile North Dakota(SND)
  • Shall make sure the club members assigned to each section of trail complete their duties in fall and spring.

Section VIII

Fundraising Coordinator:

  • Shall report to the board of Directors and club officers.
  • Shall oversee all club fundraising functions.
  • Shall formulate an annual plan to work with sponsors and get sponsorships

Section IX

Board of Directors:

  • Shall be responsible for overall policy and direction of the club.
  • Shall consist of Five (5)  members voted by the general membership at the annual meeting in April.
  • Shall have terms of two (2) years, the election is staggered so that no more than one-half (½) the board is elected at any given annual vote.
  • Shall receive no compensation other than fair reimbursement of club-related expenses as determined by the body.
  • Shall fill any incomplete term (resignation, removal, etc) with a majority vote of the remaining members of the board, and an approval vote of the body at the next regular meeting.
  • Shall review every officer, their duties, and performance.
  • Shall share with the President the authority to call any special meeting for a subject that can not wait for a regular meeting of the membership.
  • Shall use the President to make any necessary tie-breaking vote.
  • Shall have ultimate voice in any/all decisions involving discrepancy.


  • The regular meetings shall be held on the 3rd(as of 2022) Tuesday of each month during the months of September(as of 2020) through April. The meetings will take place at 7 pm at a location along the RCSC trail system located in Cass County. Schedule for the remaining season will be determined at the September meeting and the schedule placed on the website for all members to review.
  • Special meetings shall be called by the President or by the Board Chairperson and shall state the nature of the business to be transacted at the special meeting.
  • At all meetings, not less than eight (8) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business.


  • Annual dues shall be $30 Individual/$40 Family (was $25 as of 2019). The club, by a majority vote of those present at any regular meeting, may levy upon the general membership dues or assessments as shall be deemed necessary for the business of the organization.
  • Annual dues shall be set for the season at the First club meeting of the season, currently in September.


  • The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (⅔) vote of those present after due notice of seven (7) days to all members. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and shall be voted on at the next regular meeting.


  • The Officers may appoint such committees as deemed necessary for the purpose of carrying on all club activities, programs, and for gathering information for presentation to the membership.


  • All publicity must go through the Communications Director for approval and will be sent in the Communication Directors name. 


  1. Motorized club equipment may only be operated by members in good standing and who are at least eighteen (18) years of age with a valid driver’s license.
  2. No alcohol in any club owned vehicle.
  3. State Trail Guidelines apply for all State and Club owned equipment.
  4. Operators for State and Club owned equipment must be approved by the Board of Directors.


  • Please refer to the Snowmobilers Code of Ethics.


At regular meetings, the President shall conduct the order of business in the following order:

  1. Call the meeting to order
  2. Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Bills to be paid
  5. Correspondence
  6. Committee reports
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. From the Floor
  10. Adjournment


In the event this organization shall cease to exist, all remainly property of the club shall be sold, debts paid, and any balance shall be distributed to non-profit organizations designated by a majority of the club members.

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