Trail signing breakdown

3/15/2021 – all sections will stay the same with the addition of Ben Fergeson taking over a section on the south loop.


As of Fall 2020 trail signing, our club has decided to break the trail into sections. We started this system this last spring and it worked well. The Rural Cass club maintain 130 miles of trails, and this should make signing much easier in the clubs eyes. We will still have a north trail coordinator (Toby Bryson, est. 2019) and a south loop coordinator (Tim Tigges, est. 2019). But we will split the trail into 10 sections where member volunteers will place signs in the fall, and remove signs in the spring, from their particular section.

North Loop (83 miles of trails) 7 sections

  1. Hagge’s Bar in Mapleton to Maple Cheyenne Church, rural Harwood. (12 miles) – Jeff Kolnes
  2. Maple Cheyenne Church to Happy Trails, Argusville. (12 miles) – Spencer Symington
  3. Argusville to Georgetown, MN bridge and back to Hwy 81/Cty Rd 34. (14 miles) Toby Bryson
  4. Hwy 81/34 to Coaches Corner, Arthur. (14 miles) Brent Haugen
  5. Arthur to minimum maintenance road just south of Amenia. (12 miles) Rod Clouse
  6. Turn south of Amenia to Casselton. (10 miles) Norm Tupper
  7. Casselton to old hwy 10 + hwy11 north of Mapleton. (11 miles) Maverick Symington

South Loop (46 miles of trails) 3 sections (4 sections starting in 2021)

  1. “T” East of Casselton to Leonard. (21 miles) Michael Geisen
  2. Michael will split his section with Ben Fergeson starting fall of 2021.
  3. “T” West of Davenport, Hwy 18/49th St. through Davenport north to Cty Rd 6. (16 miles) Tim Tigges
  4. Cty Rd 6 to Hagge’s in Mapleton. (9 miles) Derryn Heley

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