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Take time to join your local snowmobile club!

JOIN-THE-CLUB-purple-circleThank you to the 31 local families that have already joined the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club. You are helping to make a difference for ALL local snowmobilers.

For other local snowmobilers, please take the time to join (or renew) as a member of the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club. For a small membership fee, your support ensures that rural Cass County has well-groomed and maintained snowmobile trails.

Here’s a link to the membership application.    Membership app 2014

Rural Cass Snowmobile Club represents a growing community of snowmobilers who enjoy this winter sport. The club currently maintains more than 100 miles of snowmobile trails in both northern and southern Cass County as part of the Snowmobile North Dakota trail system. This trail serves the towns of Amenia, Casselton, Mapleton, Davenport, Leonard, Arthur, Argusville and Harwood.

Frequently Asked Questions about Club Membership

Aren’t local snowmobile trails paid for by the state? No, only a portion of the funding comes from the state. About 50% of the funds for grooming are based upon local fundraising. And, the state funds come directly from the number of snowmobiles registered, and these sleds must be registered in North Dakota to count.

How much does it cost to groom the trail? Grooming costs average $10-12 per mile. Even if the person running the groomer is a volunteer, the costs add up.

Are there other ways to help? The club can definitely use your help in other ways, such as trail signing and other activities. As a club member, you’ll receive the club’s newsletter, which will you let you know of club events.

Volunteers make progress on trail signing

10636232_10205055087675335_405001676490593073_nA group of volunteers believe they now have about 80% of the snowmobile trail signs in the ground, after two weekends of trail signing.

Seven members of the NDSU Farmhouse Fraternity showed up to help out as a service project and their work pounding these signs into the ground was a huge help. In addition, club members sharing in a lot of hard work included:

  • Bette Blixt
  • Brent Haugen
  • Carla McGarry
  • Chris Covert
  • Chris Peterson
  • Eric Hanson
  • Jan Bush
  • Jared Klevgard
  • Jeff Seifert
  • Keith Blixt
  • Marv Bush
  • Michael Jahn
  • Mike Westrick
  • Paul Gutknecht
  • Russ Blixt
  • Sheila Klevgard
  • Todd McMichael
  • Troy Klevgard
  • (more names coming soon!)

10665302_10205055076395053_5062622553496280452_nIf you want to see pictures from trail signing this year, head over to the SnowJam Facebook page (and like the page while you’re there).

Meet Saturday morning for trail signing

All Rural Cass Snowmobile Club members are encouraged to meet at 8 AM on Saturday, Nov. 15 at Gordy’s in Mapleton to help with snowmobile trail signing.

NDSU Farmhouse Fraternity also will be helping with the signing. Help is needed in both signing and in driiving. If you can help, be sure to meet on Saturday morning.

If you have questions, contact Troy Klevgard at 701-318-6592.




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