Club History

1995 Rural Cass Snowmobile club formed
2002-2003 Club Membership totaled 92 paid memberships
2004 Keith Blixt named Snowmobiler of the year by SnowmobileND
2004 Bruce & Monica McCartney named SnowmobileND family of the year
2004-2005 Officers President – Keith Blixt
  Vice-President – Jeff Seifert
  South Trail Coordinator – Troy Klevgard
  North Trail Coordinator – Byron Nelson
  Treasurer – Monica McCartney
  Communications – Char Gust
2006 Jeff & Joanne Seifert named SnowmobileND family of the year
2006-2007 Club Membership totaled 33 members
1/2007 2006/2007 is SnowJam’s inagural year! Fargo mayor Dennis Walaker rides
2007 Troy & Sheila Klevgard named SnowmobileND family of the year
2007 U-Motors names SnowmobileND dealer of the year
2007-2008 Club Membership almost doubled to 65 members
2008-2009 Club Membership totaled 56 members
2009 Char Gust named Snowmobiler of the year by SnowmobileND
Helping Sign this weekend included Keith Blixt, Jeff Seifert, Eric Hanson, Tom Bovee, Troy Klevgard, Sheila Klevgard and Greg Strommen
4th annual 2010 SnowJam is a success, along with hosting the State Ride at the event
2009-2010 Club Membership down to 32 members
2010-2011 Club Membership back up to 52 members
5th annual 2011 SnowJam is a success. More then 100 riders and 14 vintage sleds took part
Vintage ride named the Ryan Mayer Memorial Vintage ride to honor long time club member from Cassleton that passed away last year.
2011/2012 Officers President – Jason McSparron
  Vice-President – Joanne Seifert
  South Trail Coordinator – Greg Strommen
  North Trail Coordinator – Keith Blixt
  Treasurer – Sheila Klevgard
  Communications – Char Gust
10/25/2011 Construction underway for the new 16 x 20 Club warming house
2011-2012 Club Membership down to 27 members
2/2012 6th annual 2012 SnowJam cancelled due to lack of snow
2012-2013 Club Membership at 36 members
as of Feb 1, south loop has opened and been groomed for the first time this season! North loop is still closed due to lack of snow
SnowJam takes place Saturday, Feb. 23rd. It would have been the 7th, but 2012 was cancelled, so it was the 6th
due to lack of volunteers, north loop of trail will not be opened in 2013/2014 season. this cuts club funding 40%
2013-2014 Club Membership down to 25 members
7th annual SnowJam takes place Saturday, Feb. 17th. More then 100 riders participated. 24 new members joined the club
2014-2015 Officers Brent Haugen elected Club President, other officers remained the same
7 members of NDSU Farmhouse Fraternity along with 18 club members knocked out 80% of trail signing for the season
2014-2015 Club Membership at 40 members
2/22/2015 2015 SnowJam is Cancelled due to lack of snow
Steak Fry Club Fundraiser at Vet’s Club in Cassleton, $20 membership discount to all volunteers
Troy Klevgard elected President of Snowmobile ND. Brent Haugen also joined the board. Jeff/Joanne Seifert also currently serve.
2015-2016 Club Membership down. 21 memberships
for the first time in 2 seasons we had enough snow to groom the complete north/south trails!
2/20/2016 2016 SnowJam is Cancelled due to lack of snow
2016-2017 Club Membership tanks. 10 paid members
2/25/2017 2017 SnowJam is Cancelled due to lack of snow
2017-2018 Club Membership now down to 5 members
2/17/2018 2018 SnowJam is Calcelled due to lack of snow
closing the north loop of the trail is discussed at club meeting. many new members stepped up and volunteer time/help to keep it open.
2018-2019 Club Membership grew almost 10 fold! 49 paid memberships
2019 SnowJam was a cold day, but was a success! this was the 8th SnowJam out of 13 years
2019-2020 Officers Spencer Symington – Club President
  Michael Geisen – Vice President
  Zach Bohn – Secretary/Treasurer
  Tim Tigges – South Loop Trail Coordinator
  Toby Bryson/Mav Symington – North loop Coordinator
  Jeff Kolnes – Communications Director.
2019-2020 Club Membership up to 65 members!
2020 SnowJam is a great success. 97 total registered. 44 vintage sleds in show, 16 vintage on ride. 50/50 pot is $600
3/15/2020 moved the clubs new Conex storage container in place, Argusville, ND
2020-2021 17 pre-paid memberships already in place!
2/6/2021 East Central Trail association hosted 2021 ND state ride. 53 vintage sleds in show. 50/50 pot was $615 

2020/2021 season. very little snow. only groomed once from Harwood to Mapleton to Davenport(30 miles) for the state ride. But our association was one of only two ND groups in the state that groomed any trails this season.

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