Grooming Update

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Trail is closed for the season, see you in the Fall!


Trail Condition: Entire trail was groomed 2/4-2/5(3rd time). we have had more wind and some blown in spots. again. BUT we will be back out Thursday/Friday to re-groom the ENTIRE loop before SnowJam ’22! Hope to see you there!


Trail Condition: all 130+ miles of trail have been groomed twice this season. However, with all the wind they are not in the best of shape. We will be grooming starting tomorrow(Friday, Feb 4th) and going into the weekend. We will also be back out the end of next week and re-groom ALL the system in anticipation for SNOWJAM ’22!


For the first time in many years we were able to groom trails in December! Here we go!


Trail Condition:   Groomer was out in the past week. Conditions where open are marginal in open areas. East-west trails are better. I believe we have the only open trails in the state! about 75 miles worth.
Rural Cass South Trail:  Open Davenport to Mapleton
Rural Cass North Trail: Open Mapleton to Harwood

Fargo East Trail: Open Wild Rice, Oxbow, Horace loop
Fargo West Trail: Open Horace to Davenport


Rural Cass trails are officially closed for the season. we hope you were able to get out and enjoy them this season!


North Loop is being groomed in anticipation for a poker run put on by Harwood Grill & Saloon scheduled for Saturday, 2/15/2020. The Grill & Saloon is a club Sponsor, see their Facebook event for details.


Trails are 100% groomed again this weekend in anticipation for SnowJam based out of Hagge’s tomorrow, Feb. 8! Hope to see you there!


Trails should be 100% groomed by the Weekend again! They are being groomed today/tomorrow. Today Groomer running from Davenport/Mapleton/Casselton/Arthur/Argusville/Harwood. Tomorrow its planning on Harwood/Mapleton/Leonard/Davenport.


Trails are 100% groomed as of 1/12/2020! In most areas they are now double wide as well! Hope you can get out and enjoy the snow!


Trails are 100% groomed as of 1/5/2020! Hope you can get out and enjoy the snow!


Trails were ALL groomed about a week ago. We were on them Saturday, and they had still held up nicely. We are hoping to get out and groom again prior to the Sledding Sunday scheduled for March 10.


Yesterday we posted that the entire trail had been groomed, but we spoke too soon. The groomer ended up having a significant break down and it’s now at the shop waiting for parts to arrive. Needless to say, the grooming didn’t get finish (Huge Bummer!)

The trail was groomed in an “S” shape. It’s groomed from Davenport going north and then west to Casselton. And, it’s groomed from Casselton going north and then east to the warming house.


Great news!  We finally have enough snow (2 years coming!) to groom the complete Rural Cass trail.  Both the north and south loops have been groomed in preparation for Snowmobiling Sunday this week.


Trails remain closed until a 4-inch base of snow on the trails.


Trails are scheduled to open on Dec 1, depending upon snowfall.

(Please try to stay off the freshly groomed trail for a new hours to allow it to set up and the grooming will last longer.)

Check back regularly to learn more about trail conditions.


Rural Cass South  is opened and was groomed 2/14/14 and Rural Cass North Trail remains closed.


Just a quick note for those of you who want to make sure you’ll have smooth trails for SnowJam this weekend, we are making plans to groom the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club trail this weekend to ensure you’ll have a freshly groomed trail in time for SnowJam. Hope to see you there!


Trails will open when we have a 4 inch snow base on the entire trail, and when all trail signing has been completed.  Please also note that the North Loop will be closed this season.


Trails are scheduled to open on Dec 1, depending upon snowfall.

(Please try to stay off the freshly groomed trail for a new hours to allow it to set up and the grooming will last longer.)

Check back regularly to learn more about trail conditions.

6 thoughts on “Grooming Update

  1. Mike Erstad February 15, 2013 at 3:28 pm Reply

    So, we’ve had between 10-14″ throughout the Rural Cass Snowmobile trail system. When are the trails going to be groomed? Its been on the ground since 2/11 and so far don’t see that any of the trails are groomed and as a matter of fact in Harwood there are signs up that the trails are “temporarily closed”.

    • Jon Reinpold February 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm Reply

      Agreed. As for me, next fall I’m dropping my registration in ND and registering in MN, and that’s where I’ll be doing 100% of my riding for now on. Too many years of non-existent grooming here.

    • Greg Strommen March 7, 2013 at 5:01 pm Reply

      We have to follow the guidelines setup by Snowmobile North Dakota. The requirement is a 4″ base AFTER we groom. Minnesota is not as restrictive when it comes to that. The other problem we have is if we do groom in the thin areas like the fields we mix quite a bit of dirt in the snow. And when the sun starts to hit that we all know what can happen to the trails then. Then there is the problem of the frozen ground and contact with the drag. Never do we have good outcomes with that.

      • merstadMike March 7, 2013 at 5:35 pm

        Greg, That is the exact reason I quit being a member of this snowmobile club a few years ago. Everytime someone asks a question or questions why something is done/not done. You quote some policy! I don’t know if you rode the trails during SnowJam, but the trails on the north half were terrible! Ruts from the one pass the groomer made this year. The southern loop seems to get plenty of attention, after the recent snow the north loop has more snow.

        We have just had another 6+ inches of snow, very little wind and nothing has been groomed again, with a great weather weekend on tap. What is the policy for that. I travel throughout ND and in other areas where there are trails, the clubs are out grooming shortly after the snow stops to groom and keep the new snow on the trails.

        Last year you built a beautiful new warming house at Keith’s, but the trails are so poorly maintained that no one will make it that far to use. If the trails aren’t going to be maintained, then why have a club or a trail system???

  2. snowmobileclub February 20, 2013 at 2:36 pm Reply

    Volunteers have groomed the southern trail three times. every weekend since the snowfall. The north trail only recently got enough snowfall in the open field areas.

  3. snowmobileclub March 8, 2013 at 2:41 am Reply

    ND is $40 for 2 years. MN is $75 for 3 years, plus $36 each year for a trail permit. I guess you can make your own decision on where to register, but that’s 3 times more for MN.

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