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Snowmobiling for a Cause

UntitledJoin the Minto Area Joy Riders, Ridge Runners, Valley Snow Drifters and Snowmobile North Dakota on January 9 and 10 at Fair Oaks Golf Course in Grafton to support the 6th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders ND Snow Run.

The Snow Run is a two day event open to both men and women, including a welcome party, snowmobile ride(s), awards banquet and more. Check out this link for more info:

Pink Ribbon Riders helps raise funds to provide direct financial assistance to both men and women diagnosed with breast cancer.  The organization’s vision is to create awareness in the motor sports industry.  These goals help to bring people in communities closer as the disease not only affects those diagnosed but also those who love them.  “Riding in honor and in memory of those we love”, is the slogan at heart that motivates individuals to focus on the importance while sharing a laugh with others!

To learn more about the Pink Ribbon Riders, the Patient Assistance Program, and to register for the ND Snow Run, visit

Fast Fact: Where can I find info on antique snowmobiles?

I have an antique snowmobile and was wondering if you can help me find information on shows and or repair parts for my machine?

The Antique Snowmobile Club, located in Minnesota is eager to help you and has a great deal of information on antique snowmobile shows, parts, etc. They can be reached by calling (218) 543-4146 or at their website at

SnowJam 15


Fast Fact: How do I find out where snowmobile races are occurring?

I am interested in snowmobile racing schedules and locations, how do I find out where snowmobile races are occurring?

For all snowmobile racing information, please call the International Snowmobile Racing Association (ISR) at (262) 335-2401. The ISR is located in Wisconsin.


Fast Fact: Who maintains the local snowmobile trails?

In the U.S. and Canada, snowmobile clubs (like Rural Cass Snowmobile Club) construct, maintain and map trails, usually in cooperation with provincial, state and local governments. (aka Snowmobile North Dakota). 

cropped-rcsc-header.pngSND Logo1



Fast Fact: I want information on a specific snowmobile. How can I get that information ?

Each snowmobile manufacturer has specific information on each of their models. Please contact the manufacturers through their web sites, or contact your local snowmobile dealer listed in the yellowpages of your local phone book.


Fast Fact: Are snowmobiles used only for recreation?

No, snowmobiles serve many other functions. In remote portions of Canada and the U.S., snowmobiles are some residents’ primary mode of transportation. Snowmobiles are relied upon by law enforcement units throughout the snowbelt for search-and-rescue work and emergency missions. They are also used by surveyors, ranchers, public utility employees, environmental and wildlife scientists, and countless others. Snowmobiles are also widely used by cross country ski race officials, dog sled races and by ski patrols for rescue purposes.


Sled’N Snap program with new prize options

Love sledding? Love prizes? Take a photo and you could win! Submit your best snowmobiling photos online for the chance to win a trailer! The Sled’N Snap photo contest returns for it’s second year, with a contest running until March 31, 2015.

logo-mVisit to enter this year’s Sled’N Snap photo contest. This exciting photo contest is brought to you by the Flaman Group of Companies, the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, the Alberta Snowmobile Association, Snowmobilers of Manitoba and Snowmobile North Dakota.

All winter long, capture your favorite sledding moments and upload them to the website in a variety of categories including:

  • Trail/Scenery/Wildlife Shots
  • Action!
  • Buried! (Got the Powder Blues)
  • Trailers/Truck/Wild Sled Wraps
  • Youth/Family

Just by entering you could win an Aluma 2-place aluminum tilt trailer – there’s one for Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and North Dakota. Or you could win the Grand Prize – the use of an enclosed sled trailer of your choice (up to $15,000) for one year!

Other prizes from your local association and their partners will be offered as well. Photos will be judged by the Snowmobile North Dakota Board of Directors Awards and Nominations Committee.

Here’s the photo that won the grand prize last year.


And, here are the names of the lucky North Dakota winners last year:

  • Dustin Gorder
  • Jenn Korgel
  • Susan Scott
  • John Ries
  • Deb Ness
  • Laura Forbes
  • Blaine Kotasek