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Club to meet twice in January

Rural Cass Snowmobile Club has scheduled two meetings during January, 2011.  The first meeting will be Tuesday, Jan 4 at 7 PM at Kelly’s Cafe in Arthur. Members of the Cattails snowmobile club near Page have been invited.

The second meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 7 PM at Hagge’s Bar and Grill in Mapleton.

Agenda items will include grooming schedules, SnowJam plans and other snowmobiling related topics.

KCPro West brings kids snowmobile racing to area

 “Safety first. Hold your lines until the first corner. Have fun! Oh, and don’t hit the flagman!”

It all may sound a little informal and it is, because the flagman for KC PRO West snowmobiling races is talking to a group of racers ranging from 4 to 12 years old. These kids are racing in one of two groups, the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat group racing on an ice-packed track, or the 120 classes, racing on a snow-cross track with small hills and bumps. Within each group, the youth are split into classes, depending upon their racing experience and the modifications that have been done to their racing snowmobile.

KC PRO West, founded in 1989, is a non-profit volunteer organization that currently has over 60 family members. The club promote safety, teach children safe driving practices, encourage friendships among families, and aid in the building of a child’s good character.

While it may be all in fun for the young racers, you won’t know it by appearances. The event has a professional racing air that adds to the excitement. Trophies are awarded to all racers, no matter at what level they place.

The miniature snowmobilers are often decked out with the latest in racing graphics, and each racer sports a bright orange racing number. Plus, parents line the edge of the racing tracks — some even with heated trailers — for fast help in the racing pits. Personality of the racers show through on the paint and decals on the snowmobile hoods. Some will have Mickey Mouse decals and others will display the same racing style decals and branding as the professionals.

Approximately eight races are held each year in various locations throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. For more information on KC PRO West, visit

Bring your vintage sleds to SnowJam 2011

The vintage snowmobile show and trail ride are always a popular activity at the 5th annual SnowJam event. If you’ve got a vintage sled, we hope you’ll considering bringing it out for SnowJam 2011.

Vintage snowmobile enthusiasts with models that are 1985 or older are invited to participate in this display and ride. After the show, prizes that will be awarded and will include Best of Show and People’s Choice.

In addition, a trail ride showcasing the vintage snowmobiles will take place from Hagge’s.

“We hope that the snowmobilers who displayed their vintage sleds last year will be back,” said Greg Strommen of Fargo, who is coordinating the vintage snowmobile events during SnowJam. “And, we hope to see snowombiles from people who didn’t join us too.”

Here are just a few pictures of vintage snowmobiles displayed at prior SnowJam events.


Pink Ribbon Riders bring snow run to North Dakota

The Pink Ribbon Riders Snow Run Tour returns to North Dakota for the second year in a row. This event will be Jan 14 and 15 in Bottineau.

The Snow Run Tour is an organized snowmobile ride and dinner event open to both men and women. It provides direct financial assistance to breast cancer patients. For more info, check out

Club expects to spend $3000 on groomer this season

The groomer used on the northern loop of the Rural Cass Snowmobile club trail is owned and maintained by the club members. This groomer is a 1989 Tucker Sno-Cat Model 2000 and the club expects to spend about $3000 on the groomer this winter.

Besides just general service work such as oil changes, the club spent $800 at Catco getting the axle seals fixed, ordered two new sprockets for about $1000, and another $750 for three new cleats. Most of the labor was completed by club members.

It seems  like a good time to thank you for your membership to the club, since without those funds, the club couldn’t afford to maintain this groomer. If you ride the local trails, but haven’t yet joined, here’s a link to the membership application.

Wondering where the local snowmobile trail is?

Attached is the snowmobile trail map for the East Central Valley Trail Association, providing more than 200 miles of groomed trails in Cass County. Be sure to support the local sponsors along the trail.


Happy Holidays from the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club

Happy Holidays from the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club.

Enjoy this photo from 2008 when Santa Claus rode in the Winter Wonderland parade in Casselton on this sled, hosted by the club.