Bring your vintage sleds to SnowJam 2011

The vintage snowmobile show and trail ride are always a popular activity at the 5th annual SnowJam event. If you’ve got a vintage sled, we hope you’ll considering bringing it out for SnowJam 2011.

Vintage snowmobile enthusiasts with models that are 1985 or older are invited to participate in this display and ride. After the show, prizes that will be awarded and will include Best of Show and People’s Choice.

In addition, a trail ride showcasing the vintage snowmobiles will take place from Hagge’s.

“We hope that the snowmobilers who displayed their vintage sleds last year will be back,” said Greg Strommen of Fargo, who is coordinating the vintage snowmobile events during SnowJam. “And, we hope to see snowombiles from people who didn’t join us too.”

Here are just a few pictures of vintage snowmobiles displayed at prior SnowJam events.


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