Volunteers make progress on trail signing

10636232_10205055087675335_405001676490593073_nA group of volunteers believe they now have about 80% of the snowmobile trail signs in the ground, after two weekends of trail signing.

Seven members of the NDSU Farmhouse Fraternity showed up to help out as a service project and their work pounding these signs into the ground was a huge help. In addition, club members sharing in a lot of hard work included:

  • Bette Blixt
  • Brent Haugen
  • Carla McGarry
  • Chris Covert
  • Chris Peterson
  • Eric Hanson
  • Jan Bush
  • Jared Klevgard
  • Jeff Seifert
  • Keith Blixt
  • Marv Bush
  • Michael Jahn
  • Mike Westrick
  • Paul Gutknecht
  • Russ Blixt
  • Sheila Klevgard
  • Todd McMichael
  • Troy Klevgard
  • (more names coming soon!)

10665302_10205055076395053_5062622553496280452_nIf you want to see pictures from trail signing this year, head over to the SnowJam Facebook page (and like the page while you’re there).

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