Snowmobilers are funny people

A typical snowmobiler is:

• A person who is too old for a sled but young enough to remember the fun it used to be.

• A person who prays for snow, but grumbles when he is cleaning the walk.

• A person who waits for cold weather so she can dress up to stay warm.

• A person will will completely overhaul a snowmobile in the middle of nowhere and call AAA when the car won’t start in the heated garage.

• A person who rides the lumps and bumps of a worked field with enjoyment and complains about the holes in the street.

• A person who syays they bought the machine for the kids, but complains that they can’t find a baybsitter so they can go out and ride.

• A person who can’t get old “Bessie” in the garage at night because there isn’t room unless he slides the snowmobile out.

• A person who will drive a block to the grocery store in a warm car for steak and ride a snowmobile 10 miles for a burned weiner.

• A person who will get caught on the interstate without a spare tire but will have enough spare parts in the snowmobile to build another one.

• A person who is glad to get the 4th of July over with because it’s only four months until they can ride.

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