SnowJam 2011 Snowmobile Trail Ride Q&A

What’s SnowJam 2011 all about?

First and foremost, SnowJam is the area’s premier snowmobile trail ride. While there are other activities taking place at SnowJam, like the vintage snowmobile display, most of the SnowJam attendees come to ride the local snowmobile trails, stop at the SnowJam sponsors, and potentially win a cash prize or one of the many door prizes.

How does the SnowJam trail ride work?

Participating in the SnowJam trail ride is easy. Just stop in at Hagge’s Bar and Grill in Mapleton on Saturday, Jan. 22, the day of the ride. Register for the ride (cost is $15) and be on your way. We’ll give you  a map that shows the trail stops along the Rural Cass Snowmobile Trail. 

Each time you go into one of the trail stops, they will give you a ticket. Keep those tickets and bring them back to Hagge’s before 6 PM. For each ticket you bring back, you’ll be entered in the drawings to win the cash and other prizes.

What can I win at SnowJam 2011?

SnowJam has become known for great prizes and this year, we don’t plan to disappoint. We’ll have at least three cash prizes, plus other prizes donated by local businesses and trail sponsors, as well as snowmobile gear dealers.  If you want to help drive up the amount of cash to be given away, “like” our SnowJam page on Facebook.

Can I register online for SnowJam?

To speed up your SnowJam registration, there is a form on the SnowJam site that you can print out and fill out at home. Then bring the form and your registration fee to SnowJam and your registration will be fast. (There isn’t an online registration process.)

I’m not from North Dakota. Will I need a permit to ride?

Out-of-state residents will need a North Dakota trail permit. The permit costs $15 per year. Out of state permits may be ordered online at  Out-of-State Permits are also available at state park offices.
How can I stay in touch with the latest on SnowJam 2011?

Join the SnowJam mailing list. Just send your email address to We will only send SnowJam info to you and your privacy will be honored..  Or, sign up for SnowJam text messages by sending keyword “snowjam” to 46986.


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