Help drive up the SnowJam 2011 cash prize fund!

A highlight of the snowmobile trail ride at SnowJam for many is the cash prizes that are awarded at the end of the ride. Wondering how much money will be awarded this year? Well, that’s up to you!

Send a link to the SnowJam page on Facebook to your friends and ask them to “Like” the page. Or, just “like” it yourself if you haven’t done so. This will help drive up the prize fund.

On Jan 15, we’ll determine the cash prize amount, based upon the number of people that “like” our Facebook page. Right now, we’re at 167 fans, so that means $167 in cash will be awarded.

Do your part to drive up the number. (Maximum of $500 in cash will be awarded, along with many other door prizes!)

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