Today’s sledding joke: How to determine a REAL snowmobiler

  • Prays for snow every night.
  • Turns on the Weather Channel first thing every morning.
  • Curses the Weather Channel second thing every morning.
  • Doesn’t like to be passed under any circumstances.
  • Wants a new snowmobile every year.
  • Would rather ride than watch the Super Bowl.
  • Wishes he could forget about the speed limit.
  • Feels that no snowmobile suit is ever out of fashion, or too dirty to wear.
  • Would never admit to being tired out when riding with buddies.
  • Has no trouble choosing between an aftermarket pipe, or a new couch for the living room.
  • Is about as friendly as a grizzly bear when someone “high marks” him.
  • Refers to standing around as “wasting daylight.”
  • Thumb twitches when snow is forecast.
  • Enjoys the smell of two-cycle exhaust and the sound of revving engines.
  • Carries enough odds and ends in his “possibles bag” to make it home, regardless.
  • Views a heavy, fresh snowfall as an invitation to paradise.
  • Considers burgers, fries and malts a delicacy.
  • Can locate gas stations like a coon dog on a hot trail.
  • Considers his exact sled width when approaching two trees, out of control, and careening downhill.
  • Always knows (with GPS precision) which way is back.

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