Trail signing continues with unique twist

Trail signing continued yesterday, with a group of five club members working on the northern loop of the Rural Cass County snowmobile trail.

With the recent snow, the group used a unique approach for both “delivering the signs” to the person who would place them, as well as taking out snowmobiles to use to actually put the up sign post.

“This was a great way to use sleds to help put out the trail signs,” said Jeff Seifert of Casselton, who is wearing the red coat in this linked video. Oh, and by the way, trail signing usually isn’t this easy.

Groups are going out to work on more of the signing today (Saturday, Nov 27). If you can help, meet at 9;30 AM at Keith Blixt’s farm to help on the north route (701-238-6555) or call Greg Strommen (701) 212-7002) to help on the southern route, where they will meet in Casselton at 8 AM.

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