April 2023 Meeting Minutes and Election of Officers


April 18, 2023

Pit 88, Armenia, ND

14 members present & Riley

7:06 pm. Club President Symington called the meeting to order. 

Treasurer report

  • $47k in bank
  • Still owed a possible $3k from state for grooming reimbursements

Old Business.

  • Season sponsorship dollars totalled around $7300. SnowJam netted about $1800.
  • season membership was 103 paid memberships

New Business

  • Club Goal, Grow club until we get our own state owned groomer
  • Sign removal. Hoping to get it all done the weekend of April 29th, weather pending.
  • Next season advertise to pay groomer operators to get more participation. State covers $14/hour. Maybe offer $25/hour? Offering to College kids/non-members. We need more active groomer operators.
  • Set a summer club get together/cookout/sign building party. Spencer is going to order 1000 new sign faces/posts.
  • Look into local summer parades to participate in with a club float(Harwood-o’rama, Casselton summer fest, Leonard Days, West Fest, etc)
  • At summer get together, set details for fall kick-off party
  • Do a club raffle(200 mini sled?) starting this summer and ending at SnowJam 24’
  • Look into trail reroutes next season due to diversion around Harwood. Also look into hooking into Cattails trails in Hunter. Long term goal would be to add a loop into Grandin.
  • August the Club officials will be meeting with the Diversion Authority again to see what can be done for next season trails around Harwood.
  • Sell the trailer sitting behind the Connex on the north loop


  • We updated a number of club by-laws to better suit the current club and membership. 

Annual Club Officer/Board of Director Voting(all 1 year terms)

  • Spencer Symington – Re-Elected President
  • Toby Bryson – Elected Vice-President
  • Zach Bohn – Re-Elected Treasurer
  • Jeff Kolnes – Elected Secretary
  • Brent Haugen(past president) – Elected Grooming Coordinator
  • Rod Clause – Elected Fundraising Coordinator
  • Dirk Horak – Elected Communications Director
  • Paul Schlabz – Elected North Loop Trail Coordinator
  • Tim Tigges – Re-Elected South Loop Trail Coordinator

8:45 Meeting adjourned

One thought on “April 2023 Meeting Minutes and Election of Officers

  1. djshea@midco.net April 22, 2023 at 6:13 pm Reply

    I am interested in operating the groomer. I am retired and have time. I would be interested. Am currently a member for the Horace club. I live in West Fargo. David Shea

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