Fall is in the air! First club meeting of the season!
Tuesday, September 14th, 7pm
Happy Trails Tavern, Argusville, ND

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The Rural Cass Snowmobile Club will hold its first meeting of the season 9/14/2021 at Happy Trails in Argusville, ND. Great Pizza and newly expanded appetizer menu will be available. We will be meeting in the backroom, but will also be out at the clubs Connex Container (located just behind Happy Trails).Meeting is open to the public and anyone interested in snowmobiling or hearing more about the club!
Signs – even after building close to 800 brand new trail signs, and fixing another 600 last season, we plan on replacing/fixing more for this season, so will be getting a count on what we will need before signing the trailConex Container – internal bunks have been built and north loop signs are stored. next step is to get the container wrapped with the club logo and add some crushed concrete or Class 5 Gravel in the low spots for trailer storage.
Membership – we had 61 paid memberships in 20/21(65 in 19/20). We are working on ideas to make renewing memberships a simpler task.
Here is the link for anyone wanting to renew memberships via PayPal.
PayPal Membership Link

Financials – We did a lot of fundraising in 20/21 and sold 2 extra trailers that were no longer needed. even after spending over $3000 on new signs/posts, our club is sitting pretty good.
Fundraising – We will be getting a list of previous sponsors together to get started with this ASAP.
become a Non Profit – Being able to host raffles and possibly gaming would be a nice advantage for our group. To do this, we need to set up our own 501(C)3. In doing research, this process was actually started back in 1995 when the club was formed, but it was never completed. If and when we do get this tax status, we will be the only club in the state to have that designation.
Trail signing breakdown – we have 130 miles of trail. broke into 11 sections. Each section is maintained by one member. This worked out much better than trying to coordinate a group effort to go out and do the entire 130 miles of trail in 1 or 2 days. Each section is 9-16 miles long and is listed on the ruralcass.org website.
Club Mascot/Nickname – over the past few meetings we have tried to come up with Mascot or Nickname to suit our club. We are still trying to decide on something so if you have any clever ideas, please feel free to hit us up!
Vintage Show/Swap – talk of doing a separate vintage show and swap from SnowJam. We are in the preliminary stages at the moment, but there was enough interest to discuss at our next meeting.
Trail expansion – talk of expanding our trail to include more communities. Brent Haugen said SnowmobileND has miles available for expansion if we wanted to pursue it. Talk of going north to Grandin/Hunter, or Chaffee on the southwest side.

Results of Club Officer Elections 4/13/2021. All for 2 year terms
President – Spencer Symington
Vice President – Michael Geisen
Secretary/Treasurer – Zach Bohn
Communications – Jeff Kolnes
South Loop Trail Coordinator – Tim Tigges
North Loop Trail Coordinator – Toby Bryson
New titles:
Grooming Coordinator – Brent Haugen
Fundraising Coordinator – Rod Clouse
Trail Sign Coordinator – Wyatt Kram
Gaming/non-profit Coordinator – Derryn Heley

Hope to see you at Happy Trails on Tuesday the 14th!!!
Jeff Kolnes, club communications director.

The ruralcass.org club website has been updated. Between Facebook, e-mails, and the website, we hope to be able to keep recruiting new blood into the club!

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