Last meeting of the season, Tuesday April 13th, 7pm. Pit 88. Amenia, ND

We are holding our last meeting of the season Tuesday, April 13th. 7pm at the Pit 88 in Amenia, ND. We will have a designated area available. Come out, enjoy a burger, and talk sledding! While supporting a business that supports Snowmobiling!

Item #1 will be election of the Clubs officials. This is something that happens every two years. At this time, all positions are up for re-election.
(Elected at Club meeting April 9, 2019.)

Spencer Symington – Club President

Michael Geisen – Vice President

Zach Bohn – Secretary/Treasurer

Tim Tigges – South Loop Trail Coordinator

Toby Bryson – North Loop Coordinator

Jeff Kolnes – Communications Director

Brent Haugen – Past President

#2, We are also in negotiations for setting up Electronic Pull Tab machines locally to support the club, which will be discussed at the meeting. If this is a go, we will also be nominating a E-Tab director.

#3 We will also cover end of season business.
we would love to see all members make it out for one last meeting!

  • We still have plenty of club clothing available, we will have it available at the next meeting!
  • Bring a friend, we would love to get some new riders involved!
  • The club website has been updated. Between Facebook, e-mails, and the website, we hope to be able to keep recruiting new blood into the club!

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