Dec 2020! Let it Snow!

Our monthly meeting is Tuesday, December 8th, 7pm, at the Ringneck Bar & Grill, Leonard, ND. We will have a designated area available. We do have plenty of Old Business/New Business to discuss:

  1. Trail Signing for the 20-21 season. This has been an eventful fall. We have built or fixed approximately 900 signs this fall over multiple building sessions. According to the trail coordinators, our trails should be 100% signed by this weekend! Thank you to all the volunteers that made this happen!
  2. Sponsorships. trail signage for sponsors. we need commitments!
  3. Trail Maps/printing
  4. Memberships. postcards, online, mail. were at approx 42 paid at Nov meeting.
  5. Dakota Cat had an Open House Friday Nov. 13th/Saturday Nov. 14. we had a booth and did generate memberships
  6. Groomer update. we have 7 certified operators currently.
  7. SnowJam/State Ride! Still a go as of now. lets hope for the best.
  8. south loop update on trail change into Leonard. Casselton in town trail update.
  9. club clothing update
  10. Family Fun rides. scheduled for 3rd Sunday January-March
  11. Please renew your membership if you have not done so! its still only $25/family. here is a link to the PayPal account if you use that.
  • We still have plenty of club clothing available, we will have it available at the next meeting! Bring a friend!
  • The club website has been updated. Between Facebook, e-mails, and the website, we hope to be able to keep recruiting new blood into the club!

Hope everyone is staying healthy in these crazy times and do not forget to do your snow dance! WE NEED SNOW!!!!!

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