January, 20, 2020 club update. Clothing, rides, fun!

We got snow and freshly groomed trails!
We held our monthly club meeting Tuesday, January 14th, Pit 88 in Amenia, ND.Over 20 club members were in attendance!
Main Topics of discussion/upcoming events
  • New trail map printing will be happening this week!
  • We are placing a club clothing order! long sleeve shirts, hats, etc. we should have them available by SnowJam! pre-orders are recommended, however, pricing still being worked out.
  • Sunday Funday ride rescheduled to Sunday, January 26th to the warming shack.
  • Next Club Meeting at Coachs Corner, Arthur, Tuesday, Feb. 4th. 7pm to set up Snow Jam!
  • Snow Jam ride set for Feb 8th.
  • Snow Jam vintage show and ride set for the morning of Feb. 8th.
  • Our association is hosting 2021 state ride with Trail Association partner, Red River snoriders
  • so far we have around 50 renewal/new paid memberships, including adding about 15 emails to the list. we are on pace with last year. we would really like that to keep growing!
  • The ruralcass.org club website has been updated. Between Facebook, e-mails, and the website, we hope to be able to keep recruiting new blood into the club!
and please remember to renew your club membership if you have not done so. we can use all the members we can get! we want to keep growing!

Our trail system is the best its been in years. Make Tracks!!!!!!!!

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