• Club meeting was held April 9th at Hagge’s in Mapleton. 18 members present.
  • There was more talk of finding permanent club sign storage.Plans have shifted some from last months meeting. Rob, who owns Argusville storage, offered to house a Conex storage container(10×30 or 10×40) on his Argusville property. He also offered to donate half of a container if the club picked up the tab for the other portion. Going forward that sounded like a very strong option. For the time being, the trailer of signs for the north loop will be stored at Brent Haugens, and the trailer for the south loop will be stored at Tim Tigges’.
  • Groomer Class. was again discussed that we need more operators and talking with Todd to possibly scheduling a summer class. There were half dozen members that showed interest.
  • Trail Sign pickup. was originally scheduled for Easter weekend. with all the flooding, it was moved back a week until Sunday, April 28th.
  • it was decided to purchase a couple $100 gift cards for members of the Red River club, that we share the groomer with, for their efforts in groomer maintenance.
  • Election of 2019/2020 club officers (listed below)
  • 2019/2020 club membership/sponsor drive/trail map. The club grew to 51 paid memberships for the 2018/2019 season. It was suggested to try double that amount for 2019/2020, which would make us the largest club in the state! We will also be out in the early fall promoting the club and working on re-engaging past sponsors. once we get those lined up we will work on putting out a new trail map.
2019/2020 Rural Cass Club officers
Spencer Symington – Club President
Michael Geisen – Vice President
Zach Bohn – Secretary/Treasurer
Tim Tigges – South Loop Trail Coordinator
Toby Bryson/Spencer Symington – North loop Coordinator
Jeff Kolnes – Communications Director.
Brent Haugen – Past President
we would like to thank the past directors of this club for ALL their combined efforts over the years.
Brent Haugen, Troy & Sheila Klevgard, and
Jeff & Joanne Seifert to name a few.
Many Thanks!