Tips for a safe snowmobiling season

With snow starting to fall around North Dakota, excitement is running high to get out and enjoy a snowmobile adventure.   So here are a few tips from Snowmobile North Dakota on the safe operation of your snowmobile.

  • Complete a preseason check and replace any broken or worn parts
  • Make sure the snowmobile registration is current and the snowmobile is insured
  • Prepare an emergency kit that includes a tool kit, first aid kit, survival kit and other necessary items such as a tow rope, extra gloves, radio’s and GPS units
  • Plan your ride and tell others where you are going, who is with you, where you plan to park and when you expect to return
  • Dress for the weather and always wear a helmet; pack some extra clothes in case you get wet or the weather changes
  • Pack some snacks, water and fire making supplies in case you break down
  • Do not operate your snowmobile on closed trails or private property without permission
  • Use caution when riding on ice
  • Be a courteous snowmobiler, slow down when approaching others and wildlife
  • Ride according to conditions, especially at night
  • Cross roadways with care
  • Be visible; reflective clothing helps to be noticed
  • Youth operators 12 years or older without a valid driver’s license must complete a snowmobile safety training course from the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department in order to operate on any public lands including the state trails; for more information on upcoming classes visit
  • Prepare yourself for riding in the backcountry of the mountains; know and practice the 5 avalanche guidelines (Get the Gear, Get the Training, Get the Forecast, Get the Picture, Get out of Harm’s Way)
  • Always remember to ride sober


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