Win $1000 when you “take a friend snowmobiling”

Gosnowmobiling-Take-a-Friend-2015Research shows that people WANT to go snowmobiling but don’t know HOW to get started. International Snowmobile Manufacturer Association wants to help you do something about this. They’re sponsoring the Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign.

This campaign is all about introducing non-snowmobilers to our winter recreation of choice. By planning a ride, we take the guesswork out of it for those that might not try it any other way. Buying a snowmobile is a great investment so if we can show people how to get started properly, they might be more inclined to join us in our clubs, associations, and on the trails or in the mountains and open riding areas.

Sometimes individuals have little knowledge about snowmobiling. If we take them out for a ride and show them how much fun it is and how wonderful it is to experience the winter in a unique way with friends and family, we can shed the true light on the family activity of snowmobiling.

So we encourage you to help your club and your snowmobile association grow by introducing new people to snowmobiling ~ and earn a check for $1,000.00!

If you want to learn more, get details on the website.

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