Club to meet Nov 11 in Casselton

Trail signing will be the key topic at the November 11 meeting of the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club. This meeting will begin at 7 PM at the Pizza Ranch in Casselton.

We’ve lined up members of the Farmhouse Fraternity from North Dakota State University to help with trail signing, but we’ll need lots of club volunteers to also be there. We need drivers and others to help ensure we maximize the time they help us.  Our goal is to get the trail done during the time that we have the extra help from the NDSU team.

The designated trail signing weekend is Nov. 15 and 16. Plans are to start at 8 AM. Additional work days are scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22 and Sunday, Nov. 23, if they are needed. Snowmobile North Dakota requires that club’s complete trail signing by Dec 1.

Final details on this plan will be worked out at the meeting Tuesday.

Other topics at the meeting will include:

  • Update on Snowmobile North Dakota annual convention
  • Membership drive update
  • SnowJam sponsorship update
  • Other topics members bring up
Hope to see you there!

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