Top 10 reasons to attend SnowJam this Saturday!

  1. Vintage snowmobile display
  2. Several hundred new snowmobiling friends that haven’t heard your trail stories
  3. More than 100 miles of freshly groomed local snowmobile trails
  4. Make the best of all the snow we’ve received in the last few weeks
  5. Learn more about Rural Cass Snowmobile Club
  6. Fun (but possibly bumpy) vintage sled ride to Casselton
  7. First 50 people to register will get tickets to ISOC Nationals snocross race on Sunday, March 10
  8. Competitive Rock/Paper/Scissors contest
  9. Chance to win one of many prizes donated by SnowJam sponsors
  10. Cash prizes of $50, $100 and $150!

We’ve made SnowJam registration super easy – just fill out the registration form available online, print it and bring it with you for the faster time to register.


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