Check your snowmobile helmet for safety

Snowmobiling is a great way to get outdoors during the winter and have fun. And now is the right time to make sure your helmet is still safe while you still have time to replace it and not impact your ability to ride when it snows.

When accidents occur, head injuries are the most common type, especially in children (source: National Institute of Health), so “Ride Safe, Ride Smart” by wearing a properly fitted helmet at all times.

Assessing your helmet

  • My helmet fits properly. It should be snug and fasten securely. Improperly fitted helmets can reduce your field of vision and may not provide adequate protection.
  • My helmet is not outdated. Helmets have a shelf life of approximately five to eight years. After that time the protective materials inside begin to breakdown and offer less protection. Also as new technology is developed, helmets become more advanced and provide greater protection. Newer snowmobile helmets will keep your face warm and your vision clear of fog. For your safety, make sure that your helmet has the latest technology. Also check the helmet for a DOT (Department of Transportation) stamp or sticker which signals the helmet meets all current safety standards.
  • My helmet is not cracked or damaged. A cracked or damaged helmet can allow almost as much damage as no helmet at all. Before using a helmet, give it a quick look over to make sure that it is not cracked or damaged. A helmet can only withstand one serious impact before losing its protective qualities.
  • My helmet provides maximum protection. Many types of helmets are available, but be sure to choose the one for your protection needs. Common injuries also include dental and facial damage, so consider a full face helmet to fully protect yourself.

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