Snowmobile safety tips

A snowmobile is only as safe as the driver. The key to safe operation is knowing the machine, good judgment and courtesy. Your snowmobile’s safety features should be kept in good working order. Do not modify your machine. Make sure that the throttle, brake, steering and light systems all function properly. Never operate your machine unless the hood and the guards are in place and firmly attached. If your machine is equipped with an emergency switch, check its operation.


Always carry the minimum safety equipment: a tool kit, a knife, spark plugs, drive belt, first aid kit, rope, waterproof matches, a flashlight and an extra ignition key. Add more items to this list for long or night snowmobile trips.


Always play safe with children aboard. Go slowly with young passengers. Exert extra care. Avoid side hills and broken terrain. See that the child firmly grips the handles and protectively sits with both feet on the running boards.


Check frequently to make sure the child is riding correctly. Always position small children so they can be watched.


When carrying tots or any other passengers, smooth starts and stops are required. A fast start could result in a whiplash injury to the passenger seated behind you or in the tow sled. You have the benefit of knowing about the start and also the additional support of your grip on the handle bars. Your passenger can only rely on your careful and safe machine operation. Use moderate speeds. Too much speed over a bump could result in a serious back injury to a passenger. Warn your passenger of dangerous branches or low hanging limbs that must be avoided. Be certain passengers are warmly dressed.


-New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, 2003 Snowmobile Manual


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