Snowmobiling joke: Signs of Snow Addiction!

Signs of Snow Addiction!

  • When you’re truck is in the driveway because your new sled is in the garage
  • When you thumb twitches at the forecast of snow
  • When your email address refers to your sled instead of you
  • If your neighbors refer to you as “the guy with the snowmobiles”
  • When you spend a Saturday morning in July at your local dealer talking sleds
  • When you save your broken sled parts for the memories
  • When your wife knows parts by name and she doesn’t want to
  • When you stop in the middle of nowhere and thank God you’re still alive
  • When a part just fell off your sled an dyou wonder how much weight you just saved

Snow Addicts don’t go to meetings…they go snowmobiling!  The first part of recovery is admitting you have a problem.

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