Club expects to spend $3000 on groomer this season

The groomer used on the northern loop of the Rural Cass Snowmobile club trail is owned and maintained by the club members. This groomer is a 1989 Tucker Sno-Cat Model 2000 and the club expects to spend about $3000 on the groomer this winter.

Besides just general service work such as oil changes, the club spent $800 at Catco getting the axle seals fixed, ordered two new sprockets for about $1000, and another $750 for three new cleats. Most of the labor was completed by club members.

It seems  like a good time to thank you for your membership to the club, since without those funds, the club couldn’t afford to maintain this groomer. If you ride the local trails, but haven’t yet joined, here’s a link to the membership application.

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