More than 375 volunteer hours already logged this winter

You probably realize the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club depends on volunteer hours, but do you know how many hours it really takes? Since August 2010, club members have logged more than 375 volunteer hours already. 

The majority of the volunteer hours so far have been attributed to the process of signing the more than 100 miles of snowmobile trails managed by the club.  A total of 187 hours went into pounding those trail signs in the ground.

Other volunteer activities this year have been included marketing and event planning, including all the hours attributed with putting on a successful SnowJam event and the time it takes to manage the club website, membership drive and member emails.  Groomer maintenance, managed by a small group of volunteers, is also a big component of volunteer time during the fall.

A huge thank you goes out to all the club members who do their part to contribute to the club’s success.

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