Snowmobilers wanted ASAP — share with your friends

 With the recent snow, plans are underway to start grooming the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club trail.  Final servicing of the groomer used on the northern end of the trail will be completed this weekend and we expect to have the groomer make a first pass around sometime next week. For the southern trail, the groomer is shared with the Red River Sno-riders, who will be grooming their trail this weekend. The southern trail also will be groomed next week.

In preparation for the grooming, the club is asking local snowmobilers to get out and ride the trails to help pack down the snow before the grooming takes place. This packing makes it faster and easier for the groomer to make the first pass, and also helps alleviate some of the chances of getting the  groomer stuck.

We ask for your help along the entire trail, but concentrate on the following areas:

South Loop

  • West of Davenport near small airplane hanger with a rural home across the road
  • Large ditch west of that same area in Davenport
  • Cattails by the Casselton Regional Airport
  • S curve near the Maple River
  • Trail across the field going north into Casselton up to the railroad tracks (please pack this area slowly to preserve the snow)

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