Aliens helping earthling snowmobilers?

On Monday Dec. 13, Space Aliens Grill & Bar will support the 2011 Snow Run USA Tour, which will bring the 2nd Annual North Dakota Snow Run to Lake Metigoshe on Jan 14 and 15, 2011. The Pink Ribbon Riders and Snowmobile North Dakota are excited to partner to bring this event to North Dakota. Please bring a copy of the Aliens Helping Earthlings – Pink Ribbon Ridersto Space Aliens Grill & Bar, during normal business hours on Dec. 13, and 25% of your total purchase will be donated to this worthy cause.

The Pink Ribbon Riders is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) volunteer based organization that provides direct financial assistance to both men and women breast cancer patients through fundraising events and the Snow Run USA Tour.

‘Space Aliens Helping Earthlings’ is an organization started by Space Aliens Grill & Bar to Aliens Helping Earthlings – Pink Ribbon Riders help support local teams, charities, and community projects. Through the ‘Space Aliens Helping Earthlings’ program Space Aliens Grill & Bar has helped raise money for local charities as well as help offset expenses for many youth sports teams.

Aliens Helping Earthlings – Pink Ribbon Riders


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